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design philosophy

Good design merges function and beauty; creating a space that promotes ease through daily living while remaining curated and practical. 

Our designs rely on natural textures, earthy palettes, and collected pieces, combined with modern touches to create a uniquely welcoming feel that remains livable and timeless.

meet the designer

Brittney Blanton

brittney blanton


kind words

I have worked with Brittney over the last year and a half on several projects and she has been amazing!   She is extremely professional, organized and incredibly responsive. 
Not only is she talented at designing and decorating, she is very knowledgeable in everything from architecture to the construction process.  She has a great understanding of all the steps and stages that it takes to reach the end-goal, which is invaluable to the client and, what I believe to be equally as important, to the contractor.  Most contractors, including mine, are not fond of working with a designer because of their lack of knowledge.  However, my contractor has been extremely impressed and has truly enjoyed working with her throughout my projects.  She just makes it as easy as it possibly could be.
Brittney isn’t afraid to give you her opinion, but she is careful in her approach.  She will tell you she doesn’t like something, but she will tell you why and will always offer an alternative.  She doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear.  That being said, she will always come back with “but, it’s your house".  She will let the decision be yours (if that’s what you want), but she will educate you with her knowledge, expertise and opinion to help lead you to the best decision.  I highly recommend B. Blanton Design!
-Libby Schroder
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